Are Big IT Companies Really Paying Higher Salaries?


Last month, Team Rezoomex busted the myth of “Larger the company, higher they pay” for companies hiring Java developers (Are Big Companies really paying Higher Salaries to Java developers?). It was an interesting study! So, we went ahead with this study and analyzed if bigger companies are paying better to developers of other technologies. So here we are!

So here we are!

This month also, Team Paywatch has enhanced the Paywatch Special 2016 edition with the comparison between the average salaries offered to developers by Very Small Companies, Small Companies, Medium-size Companies, Large Companies and Very Large Companies in Pune. We hope that this will help you make an informed choice.

Paywatch Comparison of Average Salaries offered to IT Professionals in Pune based on size of the companies – Methodology

Team Paywatch studied the latest figures related to salaries paid to IT professionals of various experience-ranges by each company in Pune. Our analysis is based on the current salaries (CTC) of the candidates, and their respective companies (source: job portals). The study involved identifying Very Small Companies, Small Companies, Medium-size Companies, Large Companies and Very Large Companies based on the number of employees (source: LinkedIn). We segregated the current CTC of candidates in these five categories and plotted the average pay for each experience range in a graph below. This graph is also added to the main technology pages Paywatch Special 2016. Please note that this graph consists of the salaries of IT professionals from only those IT companies in Pune, for which we were able to identify the size of the companies in terms of manpower.


Salary Comparison based on size of companies for Java J2EE Developers in Pune

Company-wise Salary Distribution Based on Size of Companies for Pune

We have enhanced the pages for all technologies with the addition of candlestick graphs that show you the salary distribution of companies. In these graphs, companies are arranged as per the size of the companies in term of numbers of employees. This will give you a pictorial representation of the average salaries given by the companies and its relationship with their size. You will be able to see for each experience ranges whether companies really pay more if they have more employees.

We hope that Paywatch Special 2016 will help developers in making the right choices as well as the companies in matching the salary trends. To keep up with Paywatch, please subscribe Rezoomex Newsletter.

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