Paywatch: Entry Level React JS Developer (July’16 Salary Report for Pune)


Last month we talked about Node JS which is an extension built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine (V8 Engine). This month we bring to you React JS. React JS is also not an MVC framework of JavaScript. It is a JavaScript library for creating user interfaces by Facebook and Instagram. Even though it is one of the youngest front-end technologies, it is not a niche technology. 

9 reasons why React JS is popular among JavaScript Developers

  1. React JS is an open source JavaScript library for building interactive user interface (view).
  2. React JS is very good for building single page websites and apps.
  3. React JS facilitates building large applications with data that changes over time. It intelligently refreshes any time data changes and only updates the changed parts.
  4. React JS is extremely efficient. It gives developers the ability to create their own components that can be later reused, combined, and nested as per developers’ need.
  5. Unlike JavaScript frameworks, React JS is SEO friendly.
  6. It gives an out-of-the-box developer tools like the official React JS chrome extension which makes debugging app so much easier.
  7. React JS doesn’t make assumptions about the rest of the technology stack, hence new features can be developed without rewriting existing code.
  8. React JS is maintained by Facebook, Instagram and a community of individual developers and corporations. That makes React JS a reliable and respected.
  9. React JS is the 2nd most popular (Rank 1 is Angular JS) front-end technology and is used by a large number of big and small companies.

As it is a young technology, you will find majority of React JS developers in 0 to 2 years of experience. It is hard to find very experienced React JS developers.

Paywatch Salary Report for React JS

Team Paywatch studied the latest figures related to salaries of developers with React JS skills. We took out the data related to experience range 0 to 2 yrs. and analysed it. Our analysis is based on the actual offers in hand for the candidates who are serving their notice period just before joining their new company (source : Job portal) i.e. the real-time offers that companies are making to the React JS developers in Pune. Since this data is changing every month due to the shuffling demand-supply equation in the job market, we are bringing you the latest salary report for the month of June 2016. Though the sample size was large enough the distribution was not exactly bell shaped. We had to smoothen it for the purpose of this article.

Entry Level React JS Developers


In the given figure, X-axis represents salaries in Lakhs/annum (L/a) and Y-axis represents percentage population of entry level React JS Developers. Line indicates change in salaries offered to the population of entry level React JS developers.

We need to smoothen the graph to get to a perfect bell shaped curve. We have done it by combining salaries in 4 brackets.


According to this graph, X-axis represents three brackets of salaries in Lakhs/annum (L/a) and Y-axis represents percentage population of entry level React JS Developers. The line indicates change in salaries offered to the population of these entry level React JS developers in the three brackets of salaries i.e. less than 5 L/a, 5 to 10 L/a, 11 to 16 L/a and 16+ L/a.

Paywatch Insights

  1. There is a lot of fluctuation in the salary of an entry level developer with React JS skills due to high demand of React JS developers.
  2. The gap between demand and supply of React JS developers in the market is helping good candidates keep an upper hand in salary negotiation even at entry level.
  3. Salary of an entry level React JS developer starts at 3 L/a.
  4. Most of the entry level React JS developers  (14.71%) are offered salary of either 4 L/a or 8 L/a.
  5. Maximum population of entry level React JS developers (44.12%) are paid between 5 to 1o L/a.
  6. Still some 38.24% of good React JS developers get offered pay packages higher than 11 L/a even at entry level.

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