Paywatch: Ruby on Rails Developer (The Feb’16 Salary Report for Pune)

This month’s Paywatch article is decided by you, our readers. We ran a poll – “Which tech salary report do you want to read in Paywatch’s March 2016 edition?” on 1st March (#PaywatchPoll). The voting closed on 13th March. Competition was a cut throat one. Big Data, PHP, Manual Testing were the closest competitors but couldn’t become the winner.

And the Winner is…

Ruby on Rails (ROR) is our rockstar! When it comes to speedy web development, most of the start-ups prefer ROR. While Ruby is the programming language, Rails is its web application framework tool. Rails itself is written in Ruby language. Together, ROR is a full stack framework for websites that covers both, frontend and backend designs. Many MVPs have been built using ROR. Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, Twitch, SoundCloud, Hulu, Zendesk, Square, Groupon, Highrise and Twitter are few of those thousands of websites that that has been built using ROR. It is not just popular amongst young entrepreneurs for being fast and economic, but is also loved by developers for being easy and fun. That is one top reason why Ruby on Rails has maintained its place in the top ten most popular tags on StackOverflow and in Paywatch Poll.

Top Ten reasons why ROR is popular?

  1. Ruby on Rails (ROR) is full stack development framework for web that is used for frontend and backend development
  2. Programmers feel happy to code in Ruby because it’s dynamic & object-oriented programming language that is fun to work with
  3. Rails framework provides structure to codes written in Ruby language as abstracts and simplifies common repetitive tasks which saves developers from a lot of hardwork
  4. ROR is a free web development toolkit that runs on another free operating system Linux and works with multiple databases & web servers, most of which are free. That saves a lot of money
  5. Key principles of ROR development is “Convention over Configuration”. Developers don’t spend a lot of time configuring files in order to get setup as ROR comes with a set of conventions which help speed up development.
  6. ROR conventions also make it easy for developers to move between different Rails projects, as each project will tend to follow the same structure and coding practices
  7. The Model-View-Controller architecture that ROR uses nullifyes individual coding-style and makes it a lot easier to manage the code between a number of developers
  8. ROR is good for Rapid Appication Development (RAD) as the feamework allows developers to model out website features quickly, move from modeling & estimating to actual development rapidly and accommodate changes easily
  9. ROR is perfect for startups and local businesses as it takes less time and money to build a web app with ROR. That makes ROR perfect for agile development and MVPs
  10. ROR is open source software with more than 4,200 people already contributed code to Rails. ROR community is highly active and helpful to fellow developers.

The popularity of ROR among agile developer’s community and startups makes it important for HR professionals to know market value of an ROR developer before hiring them.

Paywatch Salary Report for Ruby on Rails (ROR)

Team Paywatch went through the latest facts and figures related to salaries offered in IT industry to ROR developers. Our analysis is based on the actual offers in hand for the candidates who are serving their notice period just before joining their new company (source : Job portal) i.e. the real-time offers that companies are making to the ROR developers in Pune. Since this data is changing every month due to the shuffling demand-supply equation in the job market, we are bringing you the latest salary report for the month of February 2016. Our sample size is large enough to give us a bell shaped distribution (sample size = 86 ROR job offers).

Paywatch : Salaries for ROR Developers in Pune

Paywatch Bar Graph : Salaries for ROR Developers in Pune

In the given bar graph, X-axis represents experience in years and Y-axis represents salaries in Lakhs/annum (L/a). Each colour bar denotes an experience range of two years. The height of colour bar indicates the range of salary that is being offered in the job market to the ROR developers in the given experience range. The colour shades in the bar shows the population density of ROR developers falling in the given experience range and earning the given salary. Darker the shade, higher the number of ROR developers in salary range; lighter the shade, lower the number of ROR developers in salary range.

For example, green bar shows that entry level ROR developers with 0 to 2 yrs. of experience are getting salary offers between 2 to 16 L/a. The dark green shade at the bottom of bar illustrates that amongst all the entry level ROR developers, 61.11% are offered salaries between 2 to 5 L/a. Second patch of green in the bar shows that 27.78% of entry level ROR developers are offered a good figure between 5 to 10 L/a. The next two patches of green that are of same colour indicates that both salary ranges of top; 10 to 15 L/a as well as 15 to 16 L/a; have same number of entry level ROR developers i.e. 5.56%. Other colour bars that stand for different experience ranges are similar.

Paywatch : Salaries for ROR Developers in Pune

Paywatch Line Graph : Salaries for ROR Developers in Pune

According to this line graph, X-axis represents salaries in Lakhs/annum (L/a) and Y-axis represents percentage population of ROR Developers. Each colour line denotes an experience range of two years (explained in legend). Lines indicate change in salaries offered to the population of ROR developers in a given experience range.

Paywatch Insights

  1. An average entry level ROR developer is paid between 2 to 5 L/a while a good entry level ROR developer is paid between 5 to 10 L/a
  2. Maximum ROR developers having experience between 2 to 6 years are offered salaries between 5 to 10 L/a
  3. Most of the average ROR developers having experience of 6 to 12 years get offered pay packages between 10 to 15 L/a
  4. Excellent ROR developers having 6+ yrs. of experience can earn more than 25 L/a
  5. Excellent ROR developers with 12+ yrs. of experience bag more than 30 L/a.

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