Paywatch Salary Reports for October 2017 is here!

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We are proud to announce the release of the Paywatch Salary Report for October 2017. This year, this is our second report on the salaries paid in the Indian IT industry for popular technologies post the release of Paywatch Salary (April’17). The equation of salaries for any technology, experience range and location majorly depends on the dynamics of demand and supply. With evolving technologies and their adaption by IT companies, this dynamics is changing more frequently than ever. Many IT companies also feel a need to have two appraisal cycles in a year. Paywatch Salary Report for this financial trimester aims to help companies appraise and attract right talent at right salaries.

Paywatch Salary (Oct’17) Reports – Methodology

Team Paywatch studied the latest figures related to salaries of developers for each technology and for every range of experience. We took out the salary data for both, pan-India & Pune location and analyzed it. Since this data is dynamic due to the shuffling demand-supply equation in the job market, we are bringing you the latest salary reports every six months. Paywatch Salary (Oct’17) Reports have taken the salary data of the month same month.

Our graphs are based on the current salaries (CTC in lakhs per annum INR) that IT candidates/developers are currently earning (source: Job portal). That means these salaries are being bagged home by the IT candidates currently and not what they should be offered on changing jobs.  Our sample size is large enough to give us a bell-shaped distribution. For some technologies, we didn’t get bell-shaped graphs despite having a large sample size.

Paywatch Salary (Oct’17) Reports – Technologies

Team Paywatch hopes that this endeavour of ours will help IT companies plan for their appraisal cycle for this financial semester in a better manner.

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