Paywatch Special 2016 : Industry Salary Standards & High Paying Companies for IT


Last month, we published the Paywatch Special 2016 edition. That edition had salary reports for various technologies for all the different experience ranges. This information is helping companies and candidates make the right recruitment decisions. Post the release of this edition, we received many appreciations and requestion. Two things that most of the IT professionals and IT recruiters wanted to know are:

  1. Who are the high-paying companies in Pune for these technologies?
  2. What is the industry overview for salaries of IT professionals?

Team Paywatch started the research work!

As a result, today we bring to you the Company-wise Salary Distribution for IT companies in Pune and the Industry Overview of Salaries for IT professionals.

 Paywatch Company-wise Salary Reports – Methodology

Team Paywatch studied the latest figures related to salaries paid to IT professionals of various technologies by each company in Pune. Our analysis is based on the current salaries (CTC) of the candidates and their respective companies (source: job portals). The study was made for each experience range of the technologies. We identified the high-paying, average-paying and low-paying companies and plotted them in graphs with respect to the industry standard. These graphs are added to the technology pages of Paywatch Special 2016. Please note that these graphs consist of only those IT companies in Pune, for which enough data was available.

Paywatch Salary Reports – Industry Overview

Paywatch Special Report brings you the industry overview for salaries of IT professionals for each technology. We have visually represented the average pay, standard deviation and skewness for all experience ranges in graphs for quick & convenient understanding. These graphs show the comparison between Pan India and Pune location. We hope that this effort of ours will help you get an overview of the industry standards for salaries of IT professionals.

We hope that Paywatch Special 2016 will help you match the salary trends for tech talents. To keep up with Paywatch, please subscribe Rezoomex Newsletter. Please leave a comment here. You can also tweet your feedback about this article or requests for more Paywatch articles to @Rezoomex with #paywatch.

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