Paywatch : Special Report 2016

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Salary is the most important factor of IT recruitment process. To know the salary trends is as critical for the companies as it is for the candidates. Technology companies need to keep up with the salaries offered by competitor companies to attract and retain their awesome tech workforce. Similarly, candidates need to know their real value. They should not end up getting less salaries or expecting more than the salary trend in market for their technology stack. Keeping this in mind, this month Team Paywatch brings you the salary reports for various technologies for all the different experience ranges. 

Paywatch Salary Reports – Methodology

Team Paywatch studied the latest figures related to salaries of developers for each technology and for every range of experience. We took out the salary data for both, pan-India & Pune location and analyzed it. Our analysis is based on the current salaries (CTC) of the candidates  (source : Job portal). Since this data is dynamic due to the shuffling demand-supply equation in the job market, we are bringing you the latest salary reports from the salary data of month of September 2016. Our sample size is large enough to give us a bell shaped distribution.

Paywatch Salary Reports – Technologies

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