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microservices_paywatchNew-economy companies like Uber and Google write and implement code using microservices architecture. Many Indian IT companies are moving towards adopting microservice to survive in the changing world. It is no surprise that Indian job market is also witnessing a surge in the use of ‘microservices’ keyword in a number of JDs and resumes. When the world is turning towards microservices, it is vital to gear up to fill microservices positions and keep an eye on the salary trends for it. So here’s  what team Paywatch has to say about salaries for microservices.

Companies DON’T prefer freshers

It might be tempting for freshers to start showing off microservices as skill in their resumes looking at the salaries that microservices professionals draw. However, companies are not really looking at freshers for microservices positions at all. Team Paywatch found no freshers’ salaries in the analysis. Minimum experience of one to two years in Java development is a pre-requisite.

More demand, less supply

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Microservices has been around for a while, but now Indian IT companies are adopting the microservices way for software development more than ever. That has increased demand for such skilled professionals more than there are in the market. Our research shows that the demand and supply gap is so high for all experience ranges that microservices candidates are in a better position to negotiate salary. The market is hugely rightly skewed.

Pay in Pune Vs. India

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We compared the average salaries of microservices candidates for different experience ranges paid by companies in Pune with that paid by companies in India.  The demand for microservices candidates is less in Pune as compared to India, especially in medium experience range and very high experience range. Even then, apart from candidates with less experience; all other experienced candidates are earning the same average salary in India as well as in Pune.


Who pays the most in Pune?

Big companies are usually said to have big pockets to afford any expert. Instead, our research shows that very small companies are paying much more than all other sized companies for medium experience range. The average salary that they are paying to acquire talent before others is around 26 L/a.  Small companies offer the best salaries to candidates with high experience range & very high experience range. But that doesn’t mean that large & very large companies are not competing in salary when it comes to microservices candidates. They increase their average pay to more than 24 L/a for candidates in very high experience range. Medium sized companies pay an average salary of 15 L/a to candidates with high experience. They hardly venture is acquiring very experienced candidates.

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On the other hand, Product companies are paying the most to microservices candidates.


You can look into the salary report for Microservices in detail here.

Paywatch Salary (April’17) : Micro Services Developers

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